Sunday, 17 April 2011


The three girls headed to the cafe. Tia was feeling a bit famished from the entire math and decided not to take up any heavy meals. She waited at the table while Lara and Alessya went in line to get their food. The usual meal of mac and cheese and pepperoni pizza. Lara decided to eat mac and cheese while Alessya took just one slice of pizaa. ‘So what are you and Jason now? An item or something?’ Alessya asked away Lara. ‘ Nah, we just started hanging out, nothing serious. Hes pretty okay’. Alessya nodded and answered ‘Okay then whatever makes you happy.’

They both walked to the table where Tia was. ‘She look pretty paled, guess math really got her huh?’. The girls started eating while Tia took bits of mac and cheese. They decided to head to the mall after school. Lisa Greenwood’s having a birthday party and the theme is Poker Night. Lara loved dressing up so she couldn’t wait to buy a great outfit for the party. The mystery guy suddenly came in the cafe alone. He’s pretty hot full frontal after all. Lara just glanced and wonders where he’s from.

‘ Hey, check out that guy. Is he new?..Not bad, not bad after all’. Tia asked suddenly feeling ok after mac and cheese. ‘ I don’t know, Saw him walking around the football field in Bio just now.’…’Ohh been checking him out before us huh, selfish.haha’. Lara just smirked at them. He lined up for food. There’s that vibe again about him. The vibe where Lara wants to get near to. Maybe I should say hi. He went looking for a seat and end up eating alone. Poor guy. Sucks being the new guy.

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