Sunday, 17 April 2011

When being pretty isn't enough; CHAPTER 1

When being pretty isn’t enough…..

Chapter 1

Lara James is your typical all American sixteen year old. She likes hanging out with friends at the mall, ice skating and shopping of course. What makes Lara stood out from other sixteen year olds? She is Miss popular of Hendrive High School of Ohio. The minute Lara passes the school hallway all eyes look and stare upon her long, blonde, luscious hair, lean legs, deep set green eyes, her taste in the latest Louis Vuitton handbag and her beautiful affection smile. Of course by her side are her two best friends forever Tia and Alessya. Even if Lara is the Miss popular, she mostly would smile back if anyone of her schoolmates says hi.

Two metres away from her, is Jason; the school jock and head of the basketball team. His auburn hair and Freddie Prinze Jr looks can’t stop the girls from gawking at him most of the time. ‘Hi Jason, great time at the movies last night, I practically dreamed of Ashton Kutcher, he was great”. Jason smiled. ‘ Obviously you had a thing for him that you would rather watch that movie than Transformers 4, I missed out on Fox, sheessh but it was an okay movie for me too’. ‘That’s sweet, I got to get to Biology Mr Krammer would be pissed if I’m late again, see you after school?’. Jason replied ‘Yes’ and Lara went off.

Biology was a bore. Lara’s mind wanders away as Mr Krammer explains parts of frog’s organ to be dissected soon. Errrgh. Disgusting. Poor those frogs which had to be crammed in that little jar. Lara is not a straight A’s student but considers herself okay, after all she has her cheerleading and ice-skating practices to make her busy. Boring. Wonder when is this class going to end. As she stares at the window, she can’t help to look around the football field. Just stare at those hot jocks in their sweaty form. Okay, another disgusting thought. Ergggh. A guy was walking along the field. He was decent looking with brunette swept hair. She only had a chance to catch his side view and he was decent. Wonder how he looks like full frontal. He had that mysterious vibe but in a ultra chick magnetic way.

Must be a new guy. Naah, whatever. The class bell rings and Lara stood up from her chair as usual. Mr Krammer quickly reminds the rest of the class about dissecting the frog next week so everyone has to be mentally prepared. Another week to prepare for the disgusting experience next week. Lara went out of the class and caught a glance of her two besties coming out of Math. ‘Lara! How’s biology? Math was hitting me hard. It is so not for me’ . ‘Yeah, me too, Tia answered.’Wanna catch up some fro-yo with choc?’..’You totally read my mind sista’.

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  1. Disgusting piece of work. BARF!